CAA partnered with Mid-South Spay & Neuter Services

to provide dog houses hand-made by Eagle Scout Kyle Gullick to several well-deserving citizens met through our court watch.

CAA approached County Commissioner Mike Carpenter regarding the problem of roadside animal sales in Shelby County. Commissioner Carpenter immediately brought the ordinance forward and we are happy to say it unanimously passed all votes. Roadside animal sales are now illegal in Shelby County.


CAA presented the problem of roadside animal sales in Memphis to Councilman Jim Strickland. Councilman Strickland introduced ordinance 5-15. The Memphis City Council passed this ordinance making the roadside sale of animals illegal in Memphis.

Nashville passed a ban on the roadside sale of animals...stating it was following Memphis' lead.

Southaven, MS also followed Memphis' lead and passed an ordinance that bans the roadside sales of all animals.


CAA worked with Councilman Shea Flinn to write the recently passed mandatory spay/neuter law for Memphis. CAA developed the wording to place the focus on irresponsible animal owners.


CAA worked to encourage the Memphis Flea Market to stop selling puppies and kittens. As a result the New York based owner agreed to stop puppy sales at all 7 of his national chain of flea markets.The Tennessee State Fairgrounds in Nashville followed our example.


CAA lead the citizens initiative to ban PET EXPOS at the Memphis Agricenter.


CAA worked with the Memphis Police Training Academy to develop a class for police officers that would teach non-lethal methods of response when handing calls involving the presence of animals.

By the end of 2010 ALL Memphis Police Officers will have received this training.


CAA was part of the panel of speakers for the Tennessee Law and Cruelty Seminar Night sponsored by the Memphis Bar Association and Tennessee Week for the Animals.

Panel of speakers:

-Memphis Police Department Director Larry Godwin

Subject: Newly formed MPD Animal Cruelty Response Team

-Memphis Criminal Court, Division VIII 30th Judicial District Judge Chris Craft

Subject: Dog fighting and the need to protect the defenseless animals

-Shelby County Assistant D.A. Attorney General Dan Byer

Subject: Prosecuting animal cruelty cases in court

-Shelby County Sheriff Detective Todd Cockman

Subject: Investigating animal cruelty in the community

- CAA co-founders Cindy Sanders and Jackie Johns

Subject: Animal Cruelty in our community



 We CAN produce change by persistent work.

Everything has a ripple effect. 


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